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Technology Blu Ray Player

Technology Blu Ray Player

Standard BD-1600 is connected. The main connection is the HDMI output that can handle 1080p HD video and high resolution multi-channel audio. There is also a component video output that can produce DVDs and 1080i Blu-ray 480p standard. Links and power output of the optical digital and analog stereo audio output. Also is the Ethernet port on the back and a USB port that can be used for Wi-Fi adapter. And an additional front panel USB port also.

While we are aware that the BD-1600 Wi-Fi is available, interest is not practical. Wi-Fi USB dongle brings the list price of $ 80, and the total cost of phase-BD 1600 BD in 3600, which includes Wi-Fi adapter in the box. Given that the BD-3600 has several features that improve the 7.1 analog output, built-in memory and flow of the PC - we recommend an increase in BD-3600 Wi-Fi. Or, you can answer your Powerline network of about 80 U.S. dollars as well.

Blu-ray image quality performance entry level blu ray is always up to par, so we are interested in how to control our test BD-1600. We started with the Silicon Optix HQV ™ fit testing, BD-1600 KDL-52XB7 contact Sony via HDMI.

BD-1600 exceeded our expectations on the test drive. Aced Video Resolution Test, showing full details of Blu-ray without Jaggi shows the rotating white line. Next two video-based testing in 1600-BD Jaggi and excellent performance, with pure quality images without Jaggi. The resolution passed the test of the film as well, which describes an example of the first test and long-term view of Raymond James Stadium without major image defects.

We moved to the current facilities plan, and BD-1600 has not been established. We confiscation of his "Mission: Impossible III" and a panoramic sequence at the beginning of chapter eight looked perfect, no measure can be seen in the Loire. Chapter 16 also do good, tidy gear limo look like Tom Cruise techniques. Next we see "Knight Spirit" at the end of chapter six is ​​correct, and showing no BD 1600-Loire on the grill of the RV in the room. Alinyanyua video based "Tony Bennett: American Classic" and the BD-1600 is a work of acceptance, along with several players just Jaggi shown in striped shirt. Note that we have almost exactly the same performance in all views to pass BD-3600 and Panasonic DMP-CD60.

One of the biggest disappointments of the Blu-ray compared with DVD so far is how much slower and less sensitive free Blu-ray Disc and load control. 2012 new Samsung players, including BD-1600, great progress has been made in this regard. For example, BD-1600 is loaded with "Mission: Impossible III" in 16 seconds versus 21 seconds on a Panasonic DMP-CD60. The difference is great between the record and the extensive list, the Samsung loaded "Spiderman 3" in a few minutes and seconds instead of 3 minutes and 27 seconds in the Diocese of Mpwapwa-CD60. In addition to adding a single disc, BD-1600 significantly more susceptible to Blu-ray - and almost as fast as the PS3 - but only slightly slower than step 3600 and BD. If you want to demo your favorite scenes action for a friend, fasting is a great blessing.

Standard DVD performance There are still more movies available on Blu-ray DVD standard, so standard-definition performance is still important. We begin to see patterns from Silicon Optix HQV ™ test test bath, BD-1600 is 1080.

BD-1600 started with a strong, complete all the details of the initial resolution pattern without any image instability that sometimes see players down. Two video-based test next ride Jaggi, and BD-1600, that no test, Jaggi seen in the rotating white line and three pivoting lines. If not, no proof 2:03 pull-down problems, and does not seem anything Loire at the headquarters as the car driven by race.

We go through the program material, starting with "Star Trek: rebellion" and BD-1600 was conducted in the effective presentation, interpretation of the two boats and bodies gently curved railings of the bridge. We drive the introduction of "Seabiscuit" and the BD-1600 did well, again without interruption Jaggi and other images are always displayed on the disc. That said, we have the Panasonic DMP-CD60 compared directly, and we can put without discussion of the Panasonic for DVD playback, because it seems pretty clean and more demanding.


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