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Play Blu-Ray MoviesVideos on HDTV With Blu-Ray PlayerMobile Phone

Play Blu-Ray MoviesVideos on HDTV With Blu-Ray PlayerMobile Phone

Blu-ray technology has become more and more power. So there was that the number of Blu-ray in the market, BD player, and so on. If you have a Blu-ray movies at home? Did he meet your BDmovies Home Theater HDTV to get the best benefit? In case of problems identified? Do not worry, this article was written for you, try a different way to enjoy BD movies. Here we are!

Way One: Play Blu-ray Blu-ray movie via HDMI HDTV.

easy way to play BD movies on your HDTV and Blu-ray. Just touch the device. This is the point:

Step 1: Connect the BD player to HDTV and home theater.

Step 2: Turn on the BD player, home theater and HDTV.

Step 3: Enter the BD and BD player.

Then you can use the controller to play.


Contacting the BD player and HD TV and home theater, you have HDMI support. There are two ways to connect them. first is to integrate Blu-ray Home Theater HDMI first and then use another HDTV home theater cable. Another way to use the HDMI output from BD player to TV for video output and digital input optical cable BD player and surround sound home theater.

The first method is recommended. Because if you have more than one (for example, Blu-ray and HD cable or satellite) video source, you must select the video and audio from the TV and theater systems at home.

Two Ways: Watch the video and the definition Blu-ray Blu-ray on the CNA.

If CNA is enabled BD player. You can try this.

This approach will help protect your BD physical damage. So we need to backup Blu-ray movies on your computer. However, not all structures are supported by CNA.

To solve this problem, you can continue to copy Blu-ray format and adjust pension CNA. Foxreal Blu-ray Ripper can do anything about great service. Then you can watch Blu-ray on a PC and HDTV, and CNA. Here I will show you how to achieve them step by step.

Step 1: Rip BD movies on a PC with Blu-ray Ripper Foxreal.

Step 2: Make sure your computer to install the server in the ANC, such as Windows Media Player 11 and PS3 Media Server, or something. (Windows 7 has built-in server support for the ANC and requires no additional software.)

Step 3: PC Game CNA.

If you are not familiar with the procedure, you can get more information here (for XP and Vista).

If the operating system Windows 7, you can still click Start and type "Streaming Media" in the search box and click Select media streaming (usually the preferred choice) Media Streaming.

Step 4: Set to play BD.

Contact BD player and high-definition home theater. To ensure that the BD player is connected (wired or wireless) LAN.

Step 5: Play BD movies in HDTV.

Using the TV remote to get high-definition BD movies distributed by Windows Media Player 11, then you are welcome to enjoy BD movies on your computer.

In addition to BD movie, in this way, you can enjoy video or movies from your computer and another BD player for HDTV.

There are three ways: Enjoy Blu-ray movies and HDTV, mobile phones and CNA / HDMI.

Some people want BD movies approved for mobile phones so they can take and enjoy anywhere anytime. If your phone supports CNA then you can try this way to enjoy BD movies in HDTV.

Here Droid X choose for example to show how to play BD movies X Droid HDTV and CNA / HDMI.

Part I: Streaming video of Droid X. BD

As we know, are not compatible with the whole structure of the video call quality. Let X Droid Droid X only supports formats such as MPEG-4, MP4, H.264, WMV, DivX or XviD. In general, H.264 (* mp4.) What better way Droid X. So the best way is to adjust and drag BD movies in H.264 (* Mp4.) For the Droid X. Blu-ray drive Foxreal your best option.

Step 1: BD movie rip and X. changing Droid

H.264 video format (* MP4). Slightly in 1500 and 23.97 frame rate of 854 x 480 resolution recommended here, you can enjoy BD movies on your Droid X in the screen to get the best visual effects.

Step 2: Transfer of BD movies in Droid X and USB connection.

Part II: Stream HDTV Blu-ray Moive CNA.

Step 1: Make sure your home or network performance of Wi-Fi.

Step 2: Turn on your HDTV and Wi-Fi enabled CNA to join.

Step 3: Select the CNA program Droid X. (If you have pop-up as to activate WiFi connection, click Yes Wi-Fi).

Step 4: Select the integration of media and CNA and then select the clips in the media involved. Click OK.

So, wait a minute CNA green color will appear in the status bar shows the progress of CNA.

At this stage, you can enjoy movies in high definition BD Droid X by CNA.

Or you can send HDMI enjoy BD movies. Then click the files icon in the corner on the left side of HDMI video in X. Droid is also correct.

I hope this article will help. Enjoy!


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