Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Clean Blu Ray Player

Clean Blu Ray Player

Blu-ray, also known as "Blue ray" or just Blu-ray device is designed to play high definition Blu-ray films and plates. They become increasingly popular in recent years and the standard format for movies and video games. Blu Ray set in the main, be sure to leave dust free surface and the lens clean and tidy.

remove dust from the house is a collection of the best players regularly, and can be controlled and dust every few days. decomposition and dust for a long time, but can cause a build up behind the players and lead to a more serious problem for this device. The goal is in it and it is quite clear dust. In his retirement, that player or Blu-ray dust out dust, you can create a problem for the lens.

Turn on the player and a screwdriver to take screws bite. They can provide a second set of plates and screws at the bottom. Steel washer between it and the screws in the console so be sure to remember it with them when finished. When all the screws removed, put them in a bowl or cup, so it is safe when cleaning the lens.

After removing the motherboard, you can take control of the connector board. Once all the screws removed, the connector plate slides out of the Blu-ray. Cable still in contact with players motherboard.

Then, you must remove the motherboard. Carefully lift the cable connection diagram and from the right. Make sure not to use force to pull or break the wire. Prevent damage to trap and remove the least stable.

Blu-ray, as it turns directly over and unscrew the four screws holding the top plate in place. Then remove the screws holding the glass plate and carefully - heart, slide the lens to the right.

With a good lens in this situation, you can now easily cleaned. Use a special lens cleaner to clean the lens carefully. Store to buy some electronics cleaner or in part the same as Blu-ray will be sold. Using a cotton ball or cotton swab to clean when you go over the lens to prevent scratching.

So, with a dry cotton swab or cotton swab, clean the lens before it is dry. When the lens is clean and completely dry, you can re-player. Follow the above steps in reverse to achieve this goal, be sure to do it slowly and carefully. Also be sure to remember to steel washers between the screws.


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