Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Blu-Ray Player Review Sony BDP-S370

Blu-Ray Player Review Sony BDP-S370

The four new Blu-ray will be launched this year with Sony BDP-S370 is limited and expensive. (Less than $ 180.00) cost less, must mean that the lower value. You still have many good qualities. Including access to BRAVIA Internet Video services often Touch iPhone / iPod Gracenote metadata, the Association of Personal Entertainment and more.

BDP-S370 will be covered with shiny black and has a small Done / elegant. control buttons located in front of the bleeding. buttons are touch sensitive controls and pushbutton combination. Moreover, before the player, allowing easy access, a USB port. Audio and video ports are located behind Blu-ray. With this rapid charge start work / fast, you can start enjoying movies, faster than ever before in Blu-ray.

Video Quality: screen image quality when playing Blu-ray, the BDP-S370 connected as follows: HDMI, or composite video output section. HDMI provides an output 1080. For more than enhance the display of feature 24p True Cinema video is Deep Color technology, and Cinema HD more accurately. Like almost all Blu-ray, the BDP-S370 1080p resolution generally high level of image quality when playing standard DVDs.

Sound Quality: BDP-S370 has internal audio decoding for Dolby TrueHD, Dolby TrueHD (bitstream) Dolby Digital Plus, DTS-HD (bitstream). 192kHz/24bit has a standard analog-digital and digital video as AVCH support, MP3 and PCM. audio connection BD-S370 is: 2.0ch audio output (L / R), and Optical HDMI analog audio output. Unfortunately, no audio output 7.1. So the receiver with HDMI inputs necessary to decipher the latest Blu-ray audio code. All features to help provide good sound quality.

This entry level Blu Ray many other great features. One of the BRAVIA Internet Video. Here you can find the kind of movies, TV shows, video and music from the internet and stream directly on your TV. YouTube Netflix, Pandora, lazy, and have been included BRAVIA Internet Video. BD-S370 luxury streaming media in 1080p HD quality.

Using BRAVIA Internet Video, you must create an Internet connection for Blu-ray. Ethernet port is located behind Blu-ray, or you can communicate with a wireless broadband network via Wi-Fi USB adapter. This does not include Blu-ray and can be purchased separately. When connected to home network, a feature called Private Entertainment archive can be accessed. Where can I listen to video files, music and pictures between compatible devices. CNA devices such as PC compatible.

BDP-S370 interesting feature Gracenote metadata services. It is easy to see information about how you can see the movie. Another interesting feature that may appeal to some people and relationships and support for the iPhone and iPod /. It's iPhone or iPod touch into a remote control. The free application lets you control your Blu-ray DVD, along with information on actors, directors and more.

BENEFITS: Sony BDP-S370 is a good variety of features including Wi-Fi, streaming services Neflix with Amazon on demand, SACD game and CNA. Excellent image quality in the audio decoder Dolby TrueHD, Dolby TrueHD (bitstream) Dolby Digital Plus, DTS-HD (bitstream) as.

Disadvantages: No 7.1 analogue audio output. Characteristics of the ANC are not available until July 2012. No Wi-Fi, this wireless USB that is needed if you want to connect to the Internet. No 3D technology. Sony BD-S470, S570 and BD-BD-S770 all ages and ability of the final 3D.

The Final Word: Overall, the Sony BDP-S370 Blu-ray at various prices. What a great picture and sound quality of Blu-ray. While some lack of features found in the head Sony player, the BDP-S370 a great entry-level Blu-ray DVD. - Prices must get when purchasing - Under $ 180.00


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